Saturday, May 31, 2014

Music Series - Songs of India that inspired me

India Arie is one of the most inspiring artists of this era, her productions are comforting and soothing to the soul. Her musical poetry, which is uplifting and empowering to the human mind, gives something to think about all day long. In her songs she focuses on self morale confrontations, power struggle and love that is spiritually mature. I admire her ability to stay consistent in her messages. She is one to be very committed to her music. Through her compositions, Arie strives to leave a legacy of Peace, Love and Acceptance as well as fulfilling her musical calling.

Her songs have inspired me since the age of twelve, which is the first time I heard her single “Video”. At that time, I didn’t fully understand the context of her lyrics nor was I able to live by those words. Nevertheless, they encouraged me to undergo a journey of self discovery, mindfulness and making peace with oneself. Wisdom isn’t something that can exactly be thought. In my opinion, it is the sum of life experiences which we allow to transform us into better people. However, I enjoy seeing women like India Arie, pass on their life experiences to give the process a little boost. In many songs, she makes positive statements of self affirmation that we can all relate to in one way or the other. She also awakens awareness to difficult situations happening in our surroundings that we willingly choose to ignore.

Her songs are definitely food for thought so it would be a pity not to share. Below I hand picked a few compositions that inspired me the most. Feel free to share yours.

1. Video (Acoustic Soul 2000) : About self assurance, self affirmation self acceptance (I had to pick one song but consider the whole Acoustic Soul album included)

2. Just do you (Songversation 2013) : Discovering one’s purpose. Accepting and acknowledging one's individuality. Self discovery.

3. Pearls (Testimony vol 2: Life & Politics 2006) : A healthy dose of reality on how we perceive the world differently than others. What is meaningless to you is another person’s blessing.

4. Headed in the right direction (Voyage to India 2002) : Getting grounded and learning new lessons in life despite confusement. Gaining wisdom.

5. Little things ( Voyage to India 2002 ) : Being grateful, finding joy in minor things that are constantly overlooked.

6. Private Party (Testimony vol 1: Life & Relationship 2006) : Taking a moment to reflect on growth and on current disconnections. Celebrating oneself completely and finding joy within.

7. Break the shell ( Songversation 2013) : Overcoming life experiences that can make you hard and/or can create a wall of fear within your heart. Reaching towards your full potential.

8.Beautiful surprise ( Voyage to India 2002): A love that is more than just physical, a love that is mentally and spiritually elevating.

9. I choose ( Testimony vol 1: Life and relationship 2006) : Defining yourself and letting go of the filters others use to define you.

10. Brother's keeper ( Songversation 2013) : Having a sense of commitment to one another. Reaching out to help others and give the necessary support needed.

11. Better people (Testimony vol 1: Life & Relationship 2006) : Being open to learn and interact with others, exchange ideas and develop from these interactions.

All her songs can be found on spotify, just search for India.Arie. 
Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to comment below.


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