Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Pineapple Do

So here’s a trend that’s been surfacing everywhere these days. The Pineapple, the piña , the fresh tropical fruit. It’s weird because you would’ve thought that this trend was only seen on clothes, shoes and accessories, but no, there’s a whole new fetish going on here. This trend further extends itself to home decor and even a new breed of indoor plant called the baby pineapple. Did I forget to mention the latest hype of taking countless pictures of the fruit or using it as an accessory in photoshoots? 
I remember 2011 had a similar trend going on during summer, banana’s were seen on the cover of magazines, on jeans….. everywhere! We all became monkeys for fashion’s sake. Yellow fruits just seem to capture the eye of creative souls, I mean in a way, it does resemble the tropical sunshiny days of summer. As for myself, I have to admit falling victim to this hype (check out my instagram), but I’m honestly not a fan of pineapple prints on clothes or shoes. Personally, I think prints should be delicately chosen to avoid looking pasé, when worn in future seasons. You know me, it has to be versatile and wearable enough to be worn in 2020 (OK exaggerating a bit here, but you got my point). 
Used as props however, it takes a whole different turn. In a way it does work because of the rare intricate structure of the fruit, which adds an artistic touch when creating visuals. As long as it's creative it’s a go for me, I love rare and out of the box ideas. Just keep in mind that it is a hype, which makes it very difficult to stand out at. So keep the variety box checked.

What are your thoughts about this delicious fruit, I mean fashion trend ?
Below are some cool pictures.
Pictures via Pinterest. Check out more on this trend here.


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