Sunday, May 11, 2014

Lazy Sunday - Relaxed Headwrap

Everytime I see a woman of color with a headwrap I can’t help but feel a sense of pride, confidence and majesty. It’s where I find my own identity and recognition. The headwrap which is originated in Sub-Saharan Africa, comes in many bright colors to animate the face. African women would use such garments to emphasize and bring light to the facial features. The Nigerian woman uses the “Gele” which is worn as high and wide as possible to resemble a peacock displaying his tailfeathers. For many, it carries a symbolic meaning in reference to spirituality, wealth, prosperity and class. Ancient West-African queens would also display beautiful headwraps made of fine material such as damask, to enhance their elegance and femininity. Often these are used today at special occasions and weddings.
In our Antillean
Society headwraps are a cultural treasure. Till the day of today we display our culture and identity through the harvest festival where we are reminded of how our ancestors boasted their beliefs through the headwrap. With a little help online I managed to create an upward style that looks much like a crown, I wanted to leave my face completely exposed.

Pictures were taken by Ramses Clements
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  1. ONE WORD GORG !!! getting better and betterrrrr

  2. Fantastic pics. You look very pretty wiyh this headdress


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