Sunday, April 27, 2014

Every King's Queen

It is very probable to find a Queen without a King, but what is a King without a Queen. He needs that stronghold called a woman by his side. Only she is capable of leaving everything behind to stand tall by her man. Her ability to teach and learn has no limits, she can do anything she puts her mind to. She is the manager of her household, the bonding force that keeps everything together. Her infinite attention to detail and keen character is shown through the confidence of her family. So once again I ask, is there a King without a proper Queen?!
My main inspiration : A new celebration, King's Day it is!
Florals are very traditional this season, they are the definition of Spring.
It can come in handy to have at least a floral skirt or sun dress that you can recycle from time to time and future Springs to come. A cute cinched waisted mini, like the one I’m wearing here, has that very feminine and sultry touch. It can also be worn a bit more laidback (see this post also). Try some all star sneakers or moccasins for a fun and flirty look. This mini is mainly green so I thought it’ll look great with an orange solid, kept it in sync with the long green and copper beaded earrings. This skirt I’ve been recycling for a long long time now, but you can find a similar one here! For my peeps in Curacao, try a cute peplum style like the one found here!
The T-shirt, wedges and round glasses are from Zara. I bought the earrings when I was vacationing in Curacao.

So what you now about that, what are your thoughts….I’ll be pleased to hear

Pictures were taken by Rugeen Lodewijks.
All Pictures are property of My Personal Experience and are not meant for personal use. If you desire to do so, please contact me


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  1. Pretty floral print skirt, you looks great.


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