Tuesday, December 31, 2013

What a wonderful year

This is how it all begun. On my rooftop, soaking wet, with the most beautiful spectacle of fireworks. Ironically this is how it will also end, today 31/12/'13 @ 23:59. It's not about the quantity of milestones achieved but the quality moments you create in your life . Throughout this year I have learn that true happiness comes from within. Time flew so fast, but on the other hand it seemed like 2013 was the longest year ever. It was because I finally realized that one day has 24 unique hours, and it is my responsability to make each one of them count. I had so many life changing moments and I met people that would leave their mark forever. This was a great year, so I am more than happy to receive 2014. 

Farewell 2013, you have been a wonderful year!

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