Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Colorful and Eccentric: The Holiday Season Look-book

 As Christmas approximates and the New Year is Soon to come, we all ladies are wondering what to wear and so. For this reason I will be posting an outfit a day, to inspire and give you some ideas. This year's Holiday Season Look-Book will feature a lot of color and eccentricity. I collaborated with a very special talent from my home town Curacao and I am very proud to present her work. She is such a creative Soul. I hope you enjoy this much creative collaboration.

Day 1: The odd Belle of the Ball

Every princess has her own castle, who doesn't reminisce about the days of happy endings? As so, I too was inspired by those magical days and princess-y moments.The dress, The bridge, The Castle and pink colors; it all creates an ultimate feminine scenario.The mix of colors in this tulip dress resembles the abstract art a of hopelessly romantic artist, flowing restlessly with his pencil. Some little details such as the socks and rings, add just that tiny hint of eccentricity, which I of course am very comfortable with.

Photo Credits: Rugeen Lodewijks (

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