Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Girl's Day Out

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A simple gathering with my girls, some shopping and a nice dinner....this is my definition of a perfect "Girl's day out". We chose for an unexpected trip to Antwerp, by far my favorite place to shop. 

Once again the city was filled with allure, and full of things to see. The Belgians celebrated their national liberation day by parading the streets in vintage attires and driving automobiles built in that era. The street performers and musicians set up a cozy mood, and combined with the beautiful architectures, makes it an almost movie-like experience.

Our day started with a quick coffee stop at Starbucks, then we quickly went off for the main reason of our trip.
The stores we visited included I-Am, Urban Outfitters, Levi's, River Island and a special meet and greet at Forever Flawless cosmetics.

Urban Outfitters is THE store for art and fashion lovers, they offer a number of contemporary, and redesigned vintage pieces. I love the carefully decorated interior, and the small selection of creative books they have to offer. It definitely gives the store a funky/intellectual feel. Although the prices can be a little bit on the right side, the clothes are quite unique, and they rarely have bulks of the same items hanging on the racks.

We also paid a visit to Forever Flawless cosmetics.
Forever flawless is a very young brand of exclusive diamond infused cosmetics. They are created to help purify the skin and unclog the pores from daily toxic elements. They have four main collections of products. The White, Blue, Pink and Black Diamond Collection.
This time I will focus on the Black Diamond Collection.

As most women of African Descent, I also suffer from hyperpigmentation and two-toned skin. So I constantly struggle to keep my skin complexion looking even toned, and without spots. But as much as I try, it just keeps returning. As I was explaining my problem to the sales representative, she introduced me to the Black Diamond Collection. This line was created to defy the premature signs of aging, created by constant exposure to toxins, e.g. make-up, dust, pollution, and excessive sun-light.

She recommended me the Age-defying thermal mask and tested it on my skin right away. She damped my face with a wet cloth and applied the mask directly onto my skin. I could instantly feel the mask heating up and purifying my skin. She removed it after three minutes, and I saw results immediately. I just couldn't believe my eyes, and usually I am very skeptical about these type of things. My skin looked so soft, and my pores were closed. She explained that the mask helps stimulate the renewal process of the epidermis, which in turn helps the skin's natural process of getting rid of spots, and under tones. The mask is also said to unclog pores, and help the skin detoxify itself.

I have been using the mask once a week. After the first usage, I have experienced allot of breakouts. After the second usage my skin turned even softer and my pores looked tight and closed.  I can still see the black spots, but my complexion looks more even-toned, and less scared.

I highly recommend to pay a visit to the Forever Flawless store, located at the Wijnegem Shopping Center at Antwerp. The girls are amazing and very enthusiastic. They offer the best service and personal attention.

So this by far was my report on Antwerp's unexpected visit. I hope you've enjoyed the trip.

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First visit @ Starbucks Coffee

My Rocker Belgian Boyfriend

The National Liberation Day Parade

The Selection of books at Urban Outfitters

These cute One of a kind hippie-sunnies

Levi's chunky and rustic interior

Quick visit to River Island

Meet & Greet @ Forever Flawless cosmetic

My Retro-Fro look

Me: After Using the mask: without make-up, except for the eye-area and lips (I re-applied my lipstic)

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