Friday, December 28, 2012

1 year natural

I love My natural Hair:

These were my exact words last year around this time: " Wow I did down"

Around this time of the year many of us take valuable time to write down our new year's resolutions and to reflect upon the many events, accomplishments and  trials that has passed us by.

No doubt at all, I was doing the same thing last year. 
It was then that it had HIT ME: during 2011 I have been constantly confronted with the fact that my hair has suffered years and years of damage due to chemical processing. Moving to the Netherlands was harsh on my hair, the extremely low temperatures combined with tap water loaded with calcium made it worst. My hair got extremely dry, unmanageable and wouldn't grow an inch. I would try so many things, buy so many products...nothing really helped. 
Restless and desperate I turned to weaving and braiding my hair, that way I didn't really had to deal with it. I braided my hair for 10 months, but because I wasn't taking care of it, my hair was reluctant to growth. My scalp got irritated constantly because of product build up. I was obviously ignoring my hair, it was too painful to deal with.

But there comes I time that you have to confront your fears and face them. I was tired of hiding under hair that wasn't MINE. The constant itching, difficulty to wash my hair, the constant pulling and tension towards  my scalp wasn't making me happy at all. IT WAS TIME FOR A CHANGE, TIME FOR SOMETHING NEW!

In November 2011, I started to Google, YouTube and gather data  from whatever source that was available at that time. I did my research, I read allot and on the 27th of December 2011 I made my move.
The first weeks after my big-chop were a challenge ofcourse. Dealing with the many opinionated people and "experts" on the matter wasn't a tasteful cup to drink. Creating a thick skin was necessity if I wanted to get through.

One year later I still think that reversing my hair to its natural stage was one of the best decisions that I took.
I have learned to love my hair, appreciate it, nourish and take good care of it. I can now identify with my ethnicity, without having to live in the shadow of today's  " beauty standard". I definitely feel reconnected to myself and to my Creator, acknowledging how perfect his works are.

I have enjoyed my journey to the max: So far, so good. 
I have been documenting every stage of my journey, so here are some pictures that I took, hope you enjoy them!

 June '12

June '12

From TWA to Big Hair Don't Care:

Growth progress

August '12

My Signature side-parted twist-out:

August '12

A variety of styles:

August '12

My first trim in November, Health over Lenght:

I chopped about 1 inch off, the ends were too messy.

Me today!

Thnx for reading!

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