Monday, October 1, 2012

Girl got her Papers:

Highlight of my journey!

There you have it, I got my degree: so I can no longer write you guys about my student adventures at Tilburg University. Regardless, the wonderful moments that I've experienced will remain deep into my heart.
So far I've accomplished one of my most important life goals. It was a long journey,but I made it and I feel sooooo relieved and blessed.
Below is the text that I wrote on my Facebook page:

"After Having one of the most wonderful days of my Journey, I am truly Honored to present myself as J Z N Tweed, Master in Science of Accountancy. Hope Faith and Patience have given me the motivation and perseverance I needed to keep pressing on regardless of the circumstances. I am truly grateful to my creator for renewing my strength and giving me joy along the way, Mom, Dad Rugy and all of my friends & Family: Thank you for sharing this moment with me, Love you guys"


Thanks to everyone who supported me in my dreams, I truly appreciate it.
Tnx for reading!

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