Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Birdy trip...

Meeting Mrs. Os

Woke up on a Saturday morning, went to a breakfast date with the Fam,
then unexpectedly decided to visit Mrs. Os.
They say that sometimes, unplanned ideas are the best out of the bunch.

Yup....True story!
Uuuhm...Me, my wedges and my casual chique outfit went on a Rustic birdy trip together....and in the back of my mind I'm thinking: "it's 30 degrees out there...Ufff! what a heat". Nevertheless, I was craving for some fun and so eager for the adventure.

The whole ambience of the farm makes you feel like your on a Safari trip in Africa. From the staff uniforms to the artistic master pieces and furniture, it all comes together to give you an amazing adveturous experience.   I learned so much about these wonderful creatures and enjoyed to see such tasteful art.

What I loved the most was the "do the ostrich dance" part.
It's a hilarious warning dance Ostriches do before attacking with a kick.
Taken at La Aldea
Taken at La Aldea
Left: the difference between African and Australian Ostrich eggs. Props to the touring guy, great job! 

Right picture:  the famous Ostrich dance
African Ostrich eggs

Some of the shots were taken allong the way to the farm, most of the art pieces could be found at The Ostrich farm, and some of them at La Aldea. All Pictures were taken at Curacao.

Pictures were taken by Me( yes Me!). All pictures are property of MyPersonalExperience and are not meant for personal use, if you desire to do so, please contact me.

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