Wednesday, July 4, 2012

...And all that 'Fro

Fearlessly Natural..

Tremendously beautiful is the 'Fro, which frames the strong features of a woman of African descent.
With It's rich texture and colour, it's wild spinning coils... All part of a diverse, multicultural ethnicity. 
These muses Fearlessly flaunt their tresses, while rocking the best of style.
It's the freedom that comes with showing part of who we really are.

Different women, from different backgrounds with a variety in tastes, they all transcend their ideals 
for fashion. From the Ultra Chic Somalian Julia Sarr-Jamois to the earthy and soulful Esperanza Spalding, The 'fro definitely knows no boundaries to style.... 

Gabi, Plus size model and Blogger of

Jazz Contrabassist and Grammy award winner Esperanza Spalding

The army look framed perfectly with coils

Julia Sarr-Jamois, Somalian Ex-model and currently the fashion editor of  Wonderland Magazine

Solange has  less of that "In your face glamour", and sports these beautiful tribal prints
these have been a huge Hit for this summer.

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