Friday, June 22, 2012

Muse Series

...Tamu Mcpherson

Born in Jamaica, raised in New York and currently living in "La Italia".
She's effortlessly chique! It's amazing how she can pull off slouchy sweaters and those
oversized coats, yet still looking impeccable.She resembles that fresh Caribbean face,
and that breezy "on the go" look.

Never has comfort looked so amazing. However for her it's a must...
She often can be spotted in the streets of Milan carrying her best companion...the
Cannon EOS 5D.

Tamu is currently the fashion director of and runs her own blog
[alltheprettybirds.], which is a true ensemble of her photography
work. This is where she documents the best of Milan's street-style, while she herself
is a true representation of the upper. Her distinctive style can be admired both in front as
behind the lens. 

Overall Denim is just fascinating, it brings back that 70ties vibes.
She adds her signature chiqueness with these [past seasons but still tasteful]
YSL pumps.

Mind those fashion"rules"..See here how she matches Neon over Neon in
perfect Harmony, while balancing it out with beige and camel..

This  o so sweet little black dress, has a nice surprise in the back.
Open back dresses are surely finding their way back in our closets, I like the
Pee-Ka-Boo effect this one has: keeping it covered in the front and Wow-ing us in the back!

This one brings me High school "memoires"..That time 
when having the coolest pair of Nike's would make
you the Most popular kid for the Whole trimester... 


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