Friday, June 15, 2012

I Did it!!

Finally: ...a fresh start

Ahh Finally, I did it!
I took the lazy 15 minutes it takes to create own blog.
This is the place were I will share MyPersonalExperience on the many colours of life which expresses my Creativity, Out & About's, my taste in Fashion, Travel and Food.

I will admit, my tastes are a lil' bit nearer to Fashion and just being creative at it.
YES!.. When it's time to leave the house I am so Up to the challenge of "What To Wear" today..
It could be laid back simple or a burst of colour, it all depends on how I feel [and the weather of course if you know what I mean :P ] 
Looking effortless is essential. My day consists of many stages's easier to jump outside in something that can easily be transitioned from "a normal day at the Lib" to some lunch or dinner with friends. I will be posting some of my outfits just so you can have a glimpse.

So this is it!! I hope you enjoy it as many as I do..
Feel Free to comment too

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