Friday, June 15, 2012

The Abouts...

Student life 101

Between studying at the Lib and working on my thesis (grrrrrrr),
I managed to get some time off to spend with 2 of my sweethearts...
On this occasion we opted for lunch at our Fav student spot: La Place

After munching we went off for some shopping AKA Sale chasing 
[got myself some pretty good deals :D Ha!]

Here are some shots I took that day and my Outfit of the day (OOTD)

I was feeling quite "vintagy" on that day..and I went wild the hair.
I got myself some washed-out old shorts and wanted to Hype them without 
being over the top.... What better way then with "the white blouse" ?
This laid back piece compliments every outfit, keeping the look clean and sleek.
I detailed it with an old statement necklace that I got myself years ago...
Some bright neon nail polish will add just that tiny pinch of colour the look needs,
I matched mines with these simple cute Bracelets I got from H&M.
The  vintage style squared blazer and combat boots finish the look off on a mild cold day in the City.

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