Friday, June 29, 2012

Talking about studying


Last week on Monday, I was in such a hurry to get to the library after having lunch, just picture this:.... me juggling around with three bags, one for my laptop, one for my books, and a small purse to keep my wallet [just in case I'd to take a small break for a Cappuccino & Muffins....hmmmm].

Just when I was about to reach to the stairs I heard someone yelling: "Heeeyy you...Hi, wanna take a small interview for our TU magazine Univers?.....I mean look at you, you look amazing! "
At first, the only thing I could think about was the upcoming deadline for my thesis...I paused for moment thinking....errrrrrr, then I asked: " it going to take too long?? "

10 Days later, there you go, Tilburg University's I-con of the month....

Don't you really love how they quote THE most bizzare answer to one of the questions as an Eye-catcher to the interview? I think it's just priceless,....I laughed Sooo hard at this when I first saw it! They did an amazing job though on the editing, I just had to compliment them on that.

For more just check out the whole interview on:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Faves

Mint, Cobalt and Flou's

I soooooo love mixing and matching colours and blocking whatever solid colour I have in my closet. I think it's the easiest way to refresh your basics and you need so little to make it work  [just harmonizing hues will do]. Among my favorates are Mint, Fluorescents and Cobalt blue.

Mints and especially Flou's were everywhere this season; From shoes, to bags, to accessories.......literally everywhere.
I Managed to get myself some practical pieces that I can easily incorporate into my daily wardrobe. You know me,  as a student you've GOT to carry your tools! Those cute Marc by Marc Jacob's laptop cases have long caught my eye......Finally I found myself a more affordable version (from Bershka) in the perfect colour and size. 

I also got inspired by the simplicity of my old elementary school uniform, except, the girls would've worn pleated skirts instead of these vintage pants.

Photos were taken By R.Clements: All pictures are property of MyPersonalExperience and are not meant for personal use, if you desire to do so, please contact me.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Muse Series

...Tamu Mcpherson

Born in Jamaica, raised in New York and currently living in "La Italia".
She's effortlessly chique! It's amazing how she can pull off slouchy sweaters and those
oversized coats, yet still looking impeccable.She resembles that fresh Caribbean face,
and that breezy "on the go" look.

Never has comfort looked so amazing. However for her it's a must...
She often can be spotted in the streets of Milan carrying her best companion...the
Cannon EOS 5D.

Tamu is currently the fashion director of and runs her own blog
[alltheprettybirds.], which is a true ensemble of her photography
work. This is where she documents the best of Milan's street-style, while she herself
is a true representation of the upper. Her distinctive style can be admired both in front as
behind the lens. 

Overall Denim is just fascinating, it brings back that 70ties vibes.
She adds her signature chiqueness with these [past seasons but still tasteful]
YSL pumps.

Mind those fashion"rules"..See here how she matches Neon over Neon in
perfect Harmony, while balancing it out with beige and camel..

This  o so sweet little black dress, has a nice surprise in the back.
Open back dresses are surely finding their way back in our closets, I like the
Pee-Ka-Boo effect this one has: keeping it covered in the front and Wow-ing us in the back!

This one brings me High school "memoires"..That time 
when having the coolest pair of Nike's would make
you the Most popular kid for the Whole trimester... 


Friday, June 15, 2012

The Abouts...

Student life 101

Between studying at the Lib and working on my thesis (grrrrrrr),
I managed to get some time off to spend with 2 of my sweethearts...
On this occasion we opted for lunch at our Fav student spot: La Place

After munching we went off for some shopping AKA Sale chasing 
[got myself some pretty good deals :D Ha!]

Here are some shots I took that day and my Outfit of the day (OOTD)

I was feeling quite "vintagy" on that day..and I went wild the hair.
I got myself some washed-out old shorts and wanted to Hype them without 
being over the top.... What better way then with "the white blouse" ?
This laid back piece compliments every outfit, keeping the look clean and sleek.
I detailed it with an old statement necklace that I got myself years ago...
Some bright neon nail polish will add just that tiny pinch of colour the look needs,
I matched mines with these simple cute Bracelets I got from H&M.
The  vintage style squared blazer and combat boots finish the look off on a mild cold day in the City.

All Pictures are property of MyPersonalExperience allrightsreserved, and are not meant for other use. If you desire to do so please contact me.

Muse Series

...Elisa Nalin

So here's the deal, 
She's a Fashion Stylist's dream herself.....not only does she get to "Do" the job
[ She Recently styled the fashion add for Benetton SS'12], 
But she Sell's it well on herself too.

Wandering the streets of Paris drenched in exquisite style...
My my.....She is an expert when it Comes to mixing Colours..

Source: CarolinesMode,, Alltheprettybirds

I Did it!!

Finally: ...a fresh start

Ahh Finally, I did it!
I took the lazy 15 minutes it takes to create own blog.
This is the place were I will share MyPersonalExperience on the many colours of life which expresses my Creativity, Out & About's, my taste in Fashion, Travel and Food.

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